Need a crib?  A new high chair?  Or maybe you just need extra help with diapers and formula?

Raising a baby and supplying the baby with all its needs can be very challenging, but we are
here to help and support you.  We have used clothes that are always free to you and your baby.  
They were donated to us through kind and loving people.  We
don’t expect anything in return for them.

But for our new big-ticket items and other furnishings that we purchase, we want a
commitment from you to learn
good parenting skills.  Even the best parents can sometimes
use a few reminders and parenting tips.

With our “Earn While You Learn” Program, you will earn “
baby bucks” every time you attend an
education session.  Usually it is just a video and discussion that lasts about an hour.  Topics
you can choose from may include things like:  infant safety, reducing the risk of SIDS,
discipline, bonding with your child, physical care of a newborn, improving your self-esteem,
and many more.  You will have an opportunity to discuss your everyday challenges with our
caring mentors.  Dads can attend these programs too, and if Mom and Dad both come you can
double your “baby bucks” purchasing power.  

You can cash in your “baby bucks” after each program on things like diapers or formula, or you
can save your “baby backs” up for a bigger item like a crib.  The choice is yours.  

Call to enroll in the program today.  Must be pregnant or have a child under age 12 months to
be eligible.  Enroll while you are pregnant to get the most benefits.
Earn "Baby Bucks" While You Learn