Overcoming – even with odds stacked against us

Challenges.  We were faced with so many challenges this year.  Enough to make any
director of a crisis pregnancy center want to give up. We started the year seeing the
most pro-abortion president in history taking the oath of office.  Then we lost a key
staff member and lost the help of key volunteers while they were facing health issues
and caring for elderly family members.  We lost the part of our state funding that pays
for client educational materials.  Then, the worst news of all,- our state grant funding
was cut for clients whose first visit to us is after the baby is born.   Though we don’t
turn them away, we will no longer get state grant money for those clients who don’t
enroll before the baby is born, a representation of nearly 20% of our clients.  

Well, leave it to God to pick me up when I’m down.  My board of directors found a
way to hire Lori, who can handle just about any client load and situation.  It’s a good
thing, since client visits rose to about 1200 this year from 875 last year.  In more good
news, our donations hit a record year, even in this tough economy, thanks to
wonderful people like you.  Then I had six phone calls in one month from people
interested in volunteering (that is unheard of).  I also recently learned that if things
work out, 2010 could see us moving to a building that gives us twice as much space as
we now have and is in a much more noticeable location.  I can’t announce it yet in case
it doesn’t work out, but our Board of Directors has already given the go ahead, relying
on faith, even though our heating expenses will increase significantly.  And, though it’s
too soon to predict, I think I’m also sensing a possible shift in the political tide in terms
of abortion toward a culture of life.    

So, forget the challenges.  Here at Alternatives.Yes, our goal is to turn our clients
toward a culture of life each and every day and help them see the alternatives to
abortion.  To those who tell us that we will never have the resources, we say with
steeled resolve:  With God’s help, we will find those who will provide the resources.  
To those who tell us that our ability to touch hearts regarding life will never be enough
to overcome the public relations machines of abortion clinics, we say: Just watch.  To
those who tell us that perhaps it is time to give up, we say:  Friend, you can either lead,
follow, or get out of our way.  To those who tell us that abortion will always be a part
of our culture, we say:  Not on our watch. No, not on our watch.  We will do our best
for those walking in our doors.  God is on our side.

Commentary by the
Executive Director
Andrea Pritts holding
Precious Baby Travi
“To those who tell us that
abortion will always be a
part of our culture, we
say:  ‘Not on our watch.  
No, not on our watch.’  
We will do our best for
those walking in our
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