Beth came to us at age 22.  Her biological father and step-mother brought her here.  She had
only recently reconnected with her father after running away from a very dangerous
situation.  She was raised by her biological mother, who was a paranoid-schizophrenic.  
Beth grew up in a very chaotic, unstable home.  Her mother kicked her out at age 16, and
Beth wound up in the hands of an older man from a different culture who gave her a place
to live and a false sense of love.  Beth was pregnant by age 17, and this man conned her in
to getting an abortion.  She consented because she trusted him. He was the only form of
support she had.
A couple more years went by, and she found herself pregnant again.  This time, he didn’t
take her to get an abortion.  He did the job himself, kicking her in the stomach until the baby
died.  Still, she was caught up in a crazy relationship, and she chose to stay because, even
though he abused her, she actually felt loved and supported by him because it was the only
‘love’ she knew.
It wasn’t until this third pregnancy that she actually found the strength and faith she needed
to get away.  She knew a baby was growing inside her, and she didn’t want this one
harmed.  She reached out to her real father here in Pennsylvania and found her way to his
doorstep.  He was a poor man of about 60 years of age who was taking care of his 85 year
old wheelchair-bound mother.  He was married to a very kind and loving woman, but she
never had children of her own and didn’t know how to help Beth.  
When they brought her here, we could tell their relationship was distant.  They were just
getting to know this long lost daughter.  Lori, our client counselor here, worked with Beth
and her family from Day 1.  Lori talked to Beth and helped build her faith and confidence.  
She also counseled Beth’s father and step-mother about how to be there for Beth and how
to create a baby-safe environment in their home.  Beth made weekly visits to our education
program to earn baby bucks.  Beth earned enough that she was able to get a crib and a car
seat from us before her baby’s arrival.  With each visit we could see the bond between Beth
and her own father growing, and the step-mother was treating Beth with the respect and
love a real mother would give to her daughter.  The beautiful baby girl is happy and healthy,
and she has brought unimaginable joy to each one of their lives.  This baby made it despite
some pretty tough odds at first, and we are blessed to have been a part of it.
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“This baby made
it despite some
pretty tough odds
at first, and we
are blessed to
have been a part
of it.”

Through your generous donations, we have made some updates to our education program.  
We have about 75 different education sessions available to our clients, and most are
video-based.  This year we replaced six older VHS tapes with new DVDs, and we
expanded our curriculum to include some important life skill lessons, including:  Money
Management; Housecleaning 101; Wise Food Buying; and Toilet Training.
Next year we hope to continue to replace some of our older VHS tapes, and we also hope
to expand our curriculum to include lessons on mutual respect and relationship