BETSY HAGGERTY

Betsy Haggerty has been a volunteer since we began nearly 23 years ago.  Her
involvement began as a personal mission when her own teen-age daughter became
pregnant while still in high school.  She understood what was happening in the lives of
our young clients, and she understood that marriage wasn’t the answer for many of
them.  “I advised my own daughter not to get married, so they waited until the baby
was a year old and they are still married.  My grandson is now in college, and he
served two years in the service.”  

Now serving on the Board of Directors, Betsy has played a large role with us,
especially in the early years.  She was one of the volunteers who took calls 24-hours a
day, and she also picked up cribs and set them up at clients’ homes.  She worked in
our pantry and packed up layette bags for newborns.  Betsy has also recruited other
volunteers and coordinated showers for us.  “I feel blessed that God has called me to
be involved with saving babies and helping moms.  I just wish I could do more.  I still
pray for all the unborn babies.  My fondest memory is a phone call that I took from a
mom who had just found out her teenage daughter was pregnant.  The mom wanted
her daughter to have an abortion.  I talked to her about my experience with my own
child.  Her daughter eventually gave birth to that baby, and I feel that I might have
played a role in saving a life that day.”

Thank you, Betsy, for 23 years of service and generosity.  
God Bless You!!!
Betsy Haggerty

We currently have openings for the following volunteer positions:

Education Session Mentor: 2 Wednesdays each month sit in with our clients and lead
their pregnancy and parenting education sessions.  Complete required paperwork for
each client.

Business Manager: Maintain accurate financial records using Quicken. Gather tax
records, track donations, pay bills.  Flexible hours, but will likely require about two
days each month.

Baby Bottle Boomerang Coordinator:  Coordinate money collection projects with
various churches and follow-up with thank you cards.  You would need to develop
relationships and recruit churches to get involved.  This is not an office position.  
You could do this work from home, but you would have to make ongoing visits to
the churches.

Call Andrea at 724-628-5555 if you are interested.

We’ve been blessed in many
ways this year.  We are so
thankful to have 4 new
wonderful volunteers.
A great big WELCOME and
THANK YOU to our new
volunteers shown below.

Amy Dillon, Jayne Flowers, and
Jessica Daily
And Kym Work