Thanks, We Couldn’t Do It Without You

A  huge THANK YOU to the many organizations and individuals who donated money
and baby items to us from
May 21, 2009 through November 10th.  They include:

Brouderhof Community Members, lots of clothes and handmade baby items
Buchanan Church of God - $500
Calvary Assembly of God, Women’s Ministry Group, $50 donation
Catholic Daughters of Americas, Court Lambing #314, St. John’s Scottdale, $140
Donation and lots of items from a baby shower held in our honor
Cherry Tree Alliance Church, $507 donation
Conn-Area Catholic School children, $74
Everson Evangelical Church - $300 and layette items each month
Hearts & Hands Quilting Guild –Blankets and quilts
Knights of Columbus, Council #3334 Mt. Pleasant –Many packs of Diapers
PA Choose Life, Inc. - $400 grant
Pam Ramaley – About a dozen beautiful crocheted blankets, including two ‘black-n-gold’
Rotary Club of Connellsville - $150 grant

Plus, 15 individuals* who made generous monetary donations that totaled $1,535.
Lastly, about 15 individuals who donated about 50 bags of baby clothes, and one major
store (wishes to remain anonymous) that donates many boxes of clothing items to us
each year.

Gifts Given In Honor of                                From
   Blessings Received                        Maryann Chury
   Alternatives.Yes                                 Corrine Kissell

Gifts Given In Memory of                                From
   Margaret C. King                                Bonita Killar
   Rose Wisnewski                                Daughter Maryann Chury
   Bertie Barger                                Catholic Daughters of Americas, Court Lambing
                                                    #314, St. John’s Scottdale

(*We do not print the names of individual donors unless requested to do so.  We print
only the names of organizations and gifts made in honor or in memory.)


Service Projects You Can Do                                               

Is your group looking for a fun service project that is easy to do and has a BIG impact
on local people choosing God’s Most Precious Gift – LIFE?

Do a Baby Shower for Us.  It’s a fun reason for everyone to have a party.  Collect baby
gifts at the shower, and then bring them to our office.   We will distribute them to people
who really need the extra help.   The gifts don’t have to be expensive.  While we can
always use big items like cribs, car seats, and strollers, we also have a great need for
all the little things like sleepers, newborn outfits, bottles, socks, pacifiers, wipes, jar
food, ointments, and, of course, diapers.

Baby Bottle Boomerang.  If you don’t want the extra work of having a shower, just pass
out some empty baby bottles to people.  They keep the bottles and put their extra coins
in the bottles each day.  After about a month the bottles are full and can be given to us
so that we can use them to purchase our own diapers and baby items.
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