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Life Voices
A Newsletter of Alternatives.Yes Pregnancy Support Center
                                                                                           Summer 2010
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Dear Friends,

Something touched me so much the other day that I thought I would share it with you.

Our center is next to The John Woodruff Park in Connellsville.  The playground is in full
view from my office window.  The playground is often very busy, as am I, and I usually
try not to pay attention to what's going on at the park.  But this day someone caught my
eye,- a familiar face from a few years ago.  I remember her coming to us for a pregnancy
test.  Her stunning beauty and shiny brown locks of hair were very distinct.  She had just
started a new job and broken up with her boyfriend, and a baby was the last thing she
wanted.  I remember her panicking and crying hysterically.  From what she told us we
figured she was already about 10 weeks along.  We showed her models and pictures of
what her baby looked like, and we talked about her options.  I told her that the heart was
beating and that her baby already had feet and hands.  She didn't seem to want to hear any
of that, and when she left it seemed pretty likely that she would decide to have an
abortion.  We never heard from her again.

But this day a beautiful young child was with her at the playground.  They were holding
hands, playing tag, swinging on the swings,- all the while laughing and giggling as if there
were no other care in the world.  Could this be her child, the one I thought she was going
to abort?  Curiosity was eating at me as I watched.  Finally, I went outside, acting as if I
was picking up the garbage around our building.  I managed to get her attention and
walked over to say hello.  "Do you remember me?" I asked her, hoping she would.  "Yes",
she said, and then quickly added, "This is my daughter.  She's four years old."  I quickly
thought about the math, and before I could ask her she added "Yes, she's the one I saw
you about.  I couldn't go through with it.  I am so happy I had her.  I can't imagine my
life without her."  I told her how happy I was to see her and her child.  

I had tears in my eyes as I went back into our building.  My co-worker asked me what
was wrong.  I said, "Everything’s perfect.  I just met a little girl who almost wasn't born.
Thank you to all our supporters who allow us to make this work happen.  God Bless You

 Andrea Pritts, Executive Director
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