Pro-Life Essay Contest Winners

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receive in face="Times New Roman">6th Grade Student at St. John the Baptist School in Scottdale                                

1st Place Middle School Category

Why is life a precious gift?  My parents have always taught me that life is precious
because of the struggles they had to become parents.  After three failed pregnancies my
brother was born.  Then three years later I was born.  Ever since I was little my mom has
always taught me "how thankful she is to have the gift of me and my brother".  When I
see the joy my parents have when one of us has accomplished something it really makes
me realize life is a precious gift.

When my little cousin was born I went to see her in the hospital.  I held her and looked at
her and realized how something so small can be so full of life.  I understood how my
family's life would change with a wonderful new member.  I also knew her life was just
beginning and I thought about all the wonderful things she has ahead of her.

A couple years ago a friend of our family lost their seventeen year old son in a tragic car
accident.  When I went to the funeral home, I then realized how in an instant, life can be
taken away and the devastating effects that can have on our family and friends.  It made
me realize that I must appreciate life and always work to make the right decisions.

While writing this paper, I came to the understanding that life is a gift from God.  We
might not think about this in our everyday life, but we should always keep in mind how
blessed we are to have not only our life but the lives of our family, friends, and
community.  I'm reminded of something my great uncle says when asked how he is doing
he replies with "Every day is a blessing".  He makes me understand that not only is life a
blessing but it is how we use God's blessings to live the best life we can.
"Ever since I was little my
mom has always taught me
how thankful she is to have
the gift of me and my  
brother.  "
Life, A Precious Maureen Fagan  
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