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Life Voices
A Newsletter of Alternatives.Yes Pregnancy Support Center
                                                                                              Winter 2011
Exciting Times Abound at the Center

Dear Friends,

I hope that this newsletter finds all of you well and looking forward to a most
joyous Christmas season.   As I sit looking outside on this beautiful autumn
morning, I reflect on all the blessings of our center over the last year.  Just today
I learned we had three new babies born over the weekend, -three new precious
gifts from God.  That makes at least 47 so far this year at our center.  We've had
980 client visits.  That's 980 opportunities to empower young women and men
with the help and support they need to choose life.  We've also had some
challenges along the way:  losing some of our core volunteers  to paying jobs and
to illnesses; trying to find new ones who are committed to a pro-life cause and
have the flexibility to work us into their busy schedules; and struggling to meet the
challenges of young women and men being brought up in lifestyles and homes
that lack moral judgment, values, and faith.  
With faith, we find a way to move forward,-  and moving forward is what we
plan to do!  Next year should find us with an 840 square foot addition on our
building.  This is incredible news.  Our landlord is committed to helping us fulfill
our mission, and the work should begin soon.  We will have a multi-purpose room
for group classes and support meetings, and we will also have a Life Skills Center.
 We've applied for a couple of major grant applications, and we hope and pray
they come through because this is an uphill dream.  If you've ever wanted to
volunteer with us,- this is the year to do it.  We'll have several projects for a
handyman, and we're especially looking for people who can teach a group or who
can develop life skills curriculum or organize a parenting support group.  Maybe
you have a knack for budgeting or cooking skills, or maybe you think you could
tutor our young ladies preparing to take the GED exam.  If you are especially
interested in a particular topic, please toss me the idea, and we'll discuss whether
it has a place here.  Anything that enhances the lives of our young clients and
empowers them to choose life for their infants is fair game here.
Next year is sure to be exciting!  We appreciate your prayers and support to help
us make it all happen.  

Blessings to all of you!    .....Andrea