We aim to support every woman who comes through our doors with free services and educational opportunities, and we show them Christ’s love along their journey.

Pregnancy Testing

Women who aren’t sure if they’re pregnant are often feeling overwhelmed by difficult emotions. As a first step in their pregnancy journey, we offer free pregnancy testing and go over their results so that they can have clarity and peace of mind.


Seeing a positive result on a pregnancy test can induce anxiety, but seeing the baby on the ultrasound changes everything for many women. We offer a free ultrasound to every woman who receives a positive pregnancy result because we know that when a woman sees her baby on the screen, she is more likely to choose life.

Options Counseling

Many women feel unsure about how to move forward in their pregnancy. During an Options Counseling appointment, we give women and their families the space to ask questions, and we provide medically accurate information so that they can make an informed decision.



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